Don’t you just hate it when a jingle gets stuck in your head? It follows you everywhere you go until the moment you need to decide what you want to have for lunch; suddenly you find yourself in Chicken Rice Shop ordering a set for 2 because their jingle helped you answer the question of what to eat.  Where to eat? CHICKEN RICE SHOP!

A jingle is a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered, especially used in advertising. And my oh my, do some advertisers make great jingles.

Malaysian advertisers are no exception. We have a plethora of jingles that span the decades which have become as part of Malaysian life as nasi lemak in the morning. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the most memorable ones so you can take a trip down memory lane.

Here is our list of Top 7 most memorable Malaysian jingles:

1.    Gardenia (1986)

This nostalgic tune from the 80s was so successful that it’s been maintained as their jingle until today. The tune and lyrics are so effective and so timeless that you’ll find anyone from octogenarians to millennials singing this tune. It comes to no surprise that Gardenia has become a staple in Malaysian breakfast.

2.    Milo (1984)

Who would’ve thought hot chocolate could be positioned as a sports drink? Nestlé did! Coupled with their extremely catchy song filled with half truths about milo making you healthy and strong, no wonder every  boy wanted a cup of Milo before the start of his football game.

3.    Pizza Hut Delivery (Circa 1980s)

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find you the original 755-2525 jingle so you’re left with their 1300 remake. However, Pizza Hut kept the original tune from the 80s as it had become something of a national treasure. People these days don’t even memorise their own phone numbers, but ask them how to get in touch with Pizza Hut and they will tell you immediately (and in tune).

4.    Adabi Perencah Nasi Goreng (Circa 1990s)

Although the product has gone down in popularity, the Adabi brand is still a household name largely because of their catchy tunes and melodic sign off. This commercial from the early 90s is a testament to the power of a great jingle. Nasi goreng has never looked so much fun!

5.    Axion (1993)

Although a little longer than your usual jingle, this Axion tune made it onto our list for its memorability. The phrase “Axion atau Asiah” tickled so many funny bones that anyone old enough to remember this add can probably retell the story of the commercial.

6.    Maggi (1987)

More a chant than a tune, this Mee Maggi jingle from 1987 has stood the test of time and is still being uttered by kids today. Its perfect catchphrase referencing the convenience and quality of these instant noodles has made Maggi a dominant force in the noodle market, with a large portion sitting in my kitchen cabinet.

7.    Subway Chicken Tandoori (2012)

The only modern jingle to make it onto this list, this beautiful peace of artistry makes all the struggles of advertising worthwhile. Just take a listen to how much fun is embodied in this jingle and tell me you don’t want a go at the Subway Chicken Tandoori!

Our job as advertisers is to ensure that the brand remains at the top of mind anytime our potential target enters the supermarket in search of any product. With a catchy jingle that’s ringing in their heads, you can expect your consumer to at least visit the aisle to take a look at what you’ve got to offer.

Jingles are a dying breed these days, but only because radio is a dying media. Maybe someday we’ll find a way to sell you the latest smartphone with a catchy tune. But till then, let’s continue making great ads that the world will remember.

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