With news of Apple’s smartwatch development, Samsung saw a window of opportunity to swoop in and expectantly beat them to the punch. In comes the ‘ground-breaking’ Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, in hopes to finally turn the tables and be seen as a first mover.

Critics, fans and even rivals were eager to test this first-of-its-kind wrist fitted technology, as this was a very daring move for Samsung to act as leader of the pack for once.

The result? A T3 rating of 2 out of 5 stars and a sea of distraught bloggers.

A common love for its sleek design and ergonomically fitted strap seems to be the only positive aspect about the product as Samsung’s (bold) attempt of a smartwatch ended up as nothing more than a glorified remote control for your existing phone.

All in all, this feature-lacking watch didn’t quite making the cut but the bigger issue here was why the need to jump the gun and get ahead of Apple in the first place?

Not to oversimplify matters, but at the end of the day some brands are meant to be leaders and some are meant to be followers, and Samsung was definitely feeling the heat for being the latter.

What they failed to understand is that both leaders and followers have their merits and there is nothing wrong with being either. In fact, their success came from following the trendsetters.

It’s brands like the Apple’s, Dyson’s and GoPro’s of this world who pave the way, and not far behind; the Samsung’s, Mitsubishi’s and Sony’s who re-engineer, refine and build upon what was set. Both these brands can act as profit-making solutions simultaneously and exist in the same market harmoniously and prosperously.

It is vital to understand that there is worth to follow the footsteps of a great niche as it acts as a gateway into a realm of untapped potential consumers waiting for their needs to be met.

It’s not about breaking out of your mould but instead adding value to what you create constantly and consistently – offering only the best to your customers, instead of a quick dash to the finish line for the sake of it.

What do your customers have to gain from engaging with your brand?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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